NLFA COVID-19 Response Plan

NLFA President <>
May 16, 2020, 2:55 PM (1 day ago)

Hello all,

First I’d like to thank everyone for their patience in terms of our current situation in dealing with everything surrounding COVID-19. I’m sure everyone has been glued to the TV hoping to see a ray of light to shine on when we’ll be able to resume our inaugural season. With that being said, here’s the latest update on COVID-19 guidelines for sports in the state of Louisiana.

Please read the following:

BATON ROUGE - The LHSAA is postponing their summer rules for all high school sports until June 8 even though Phase I allows for it.

While Phase I allows athletes involved in non-contact sports can meet in groups of less than ten, the LHSAA will not allow summer rules practice until Governor John Bel Edwards moves forward with Phase II.

Phase I non-contact sports include bowling, swimming, cross country, weightlifting, power-lifting, golf, and tennis.

Phase II allows for some limited-contact sports. Those include baseball, cheerleading, gymnastics, softball, and volleyball.

Basketball, football, wrestling, and soccer are considered contact sports. There is no plan for them to return right now.

The LHSAA voted to ban summer rules, regardless of the category, until June 8. Louisiana is not expected to move into Phase II until June 5.

NLFA Proposed Plan For Conducting Team Workouts

Until further guidance is approved, all NLFA team workouts will be conducted as follows:

  • All NLFA teams will be allowed to conduct non-contact team workouts to included combine drills, speed and agility drills, weight lifting, and strengthening drills.
  • Combine drills may be conducted with or without gear (helmets, shoulder pads, etc.,).
  • All NLFA personnel attending team workouts must have on some form of PPP (ie. mask/or facial covering, gloves, etc.,).
  • All NLFA equipment used will be cleaned frequently (ie. footballs, cones, tackling dummies, etc.,).
  • All NLFA teams will be required to conduct at least (4) four cleaning and sanitizing breaks within every hour of workouts.
  • All NLFA teams will take notice of the current weather conditions, giving proper water breaks as required.

Until we receive further guidelines or recommendations from federal, state, and local health officials that say otherwise, be safe, make smart decisions and “see you on the gridiron”.


Holland Witherspoon
North Louisiana Football Alliance
Bossier City, LA